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A program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques taught for females only.

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Gain a higher level of firearms proficiency while obtaining your concealed carry permit.

Get rid of your fear. Gain a higher level of firearms proficiency while obtaining your concealed carry permit. Go to the next level to learn Personal Protection In/Out of the home/workplace. Females also may be interested in our self-defense training course, one of the best self-defense courses for females ages 11 yrs old and up. Businesses/Corporations: we work with your leadership team to get to know your business and the needs of your organization. Our seminars are then tailored to fit the skill level and concerns specific to your group. And our biggest goal is to strengthen the Christian community, bring unity in teaching one another on how to be successful and acknowledging the capability of wealth spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Qualified Training Instructor for:

  • NRA FIRST Steps Pistol
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • NRA Personal Protection In The Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Concealed Carry In Missouri (able to qualify in other non-resident states)
  • Female Self-Defense
  • Active Shooter - How To Respond
  • First Aid, CPR, & AED Certified
  • One-on-One Personal Training
  • Mentoring, Molding, Supporting, And Encouraging This Generation To Change The World.

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For more information please contact Lisa Mash at: (636) 582-0334 or


Great Folks!!! Very knowledgeable!!! I would recommend then every time!!!

John Snyder 

This was the most informational class!! Lisa is very intense and detailed when it comes to preparing you for your license!!!

Ira Burnett

I took the concealed carry course with Lisa and she was an excellent instructor. She was knowledgeable and made the class very fun. I would highly recommend taking any course she offers.

Muhammad Hamed

I attended a CCW class and was thrilled with the experience. Fantastic shooting range and up beat fun interactive classroom made the day fly by. I plan to sign up for a life flight class as soon as possible! Highly recommend Midwest Personal Protection.

Amy Cue 

Great Class!!!! Perfect Instructor!!!! Great stories as well, and they helped you remember the laws!!!

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